Meme: LeBron James & Moses

lebron moses red sea

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I feel bad making fun of LeBron about his hairline, but I might have to question the validity of this meme. Yea, we know that LeBron's hairline has receded in past years (absurd that this is a new story), but this meme looks photoshopped. Although the Moses bit is funny. If only Moses could part the Golden State Warriors defense for LeBron to drive through the lane during the NBA Finals.

Meme: David Lee Earning His Money

david lee salary

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It was no secret that David Lee was in a weird situation in Golden State. Amazingly, he was the HIGHEST paid player on the team, and barely played. But when Steve Kerr called on David Lee in the NBA Finals and gave him some big minutes, Lee sparked a turnaround, and definitely earned some of the outlandish money that he was making. Good for him!

Meme: James Harden Turnovers


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Even though the Rockets had an amazing comeback against the Clippers in the 2015 NBA Playoffs, they could not hold off the Warriors, as Golden State rolled through them. Harden's struggles were highlighted by an insane 13 turnover game. Though to be fair, he didn't have much help either.