Pod 27: NBA News Roundup January 27, 2016

[powerpress] NBA news roundup for January 22, 2016: Luke Walton might soon step aside for Steve Kerr, who is coming back from his injury which no one seems to care about. But with a stellar record, shouldn’t Walton coach the remainder of the season? Why rock the boat?

Baron Davis went unclaimed in the NBDL waiver wire. How the mighty have fallen. The question isn’t why, because we all know he stinks at this point. Rather, is he delusional?

The ridiculous story of Matt Barnes beating up Derek Fisher takes another turn when another rejected NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas gives us the scoop.

Joakin Noah got injured and is out for the season. I talk about why this is actualy good for the Bulls.

The Brooklyn Nets are looking to hire Tom Thibodeau. LOL. Good luck Brooklyn!

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