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NBA Quiz

The ultimate NBA quiz, covering diverse NBA topics including different eras, players, stats, moments &history. Good luck!

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NBA Quiz questions and multiple choice answers:

  1. Famous dunker Dr. J: what is his real name?
    1. ​​​Jason Hardaway
    2. Julius  Randle
    3. Jae Crowder
    4. Julius Erving
  2. Why did Michael Jordan retire from the Chicago Bulls after winning 3 straight championships, and 6 overall?
    1. Because he said there was nothing left for him to accomplish
    2. Because the NBA held a lockout in 1999
    3. Because he despised the Chicago Bulls front office
    4. Because he was mentally drained after a tumultuous season
  3.  This NBA player scored 38,387 points, grabbed 17,440 boards, and blocked 3,189 shots.
    1. Wilt Chamberlain
    2. Bill Russell
    3. Bill Walton
    4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  4. Who was the first player to record back-to-back 50 point games in the 2000s?
    1. Stephon Marbury
    2. Allen Iverson
    3. Ray Allen
    4. Antawn Jamison
  5. What is Joel Embiid’s nickname?
    1. The process
    2. The stallion
    3. The big dude
    4. Deep from 3
  6. Why did Gordon Hayward leave the Celtics?
    1. Because Utah was too white
    2. Bill Russell convinced him
    3. He wanted to play for Brad Stevens
    4. He hated the Midwest
  7. Who had the most assists ever in an NBA game?
    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Jason Kidd
    3. Scott Skiles
    4. John Stockton
  8. Who was the youngest player ever to record a triple double in an NBA game?
    1. Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    2. Ben Simmons
    3. Kobe Bryant
    4. Markelle Fultz
  9. Which one of these players scored 70 points in an NBA game?
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Devin Booker
    3. Ray Allen
    4. Allen Iverson
  10. Which one of these NBA players never shot a free throw underhanded?
    1. Chinanu Onuaku
    2. Rick Barry
    3. Shaquille O’Neal
    4. Wilt Chamberlain
  11. The NBA was invented in which year:
    1. 1927
    2. 1949
    3. 1952
    4. 1960
  12. What was the name of the person who invented the NBA?
    1. James Naismith
    2. Bill Cartwright
    3. David Stern
    4. Bud Selig

NBA Quiz Answers:

  1. Julius Erving spent a couple of years in the ABA, but his entire NBA career was spent with the Philadelphia 76ers.
  2. All of the above! MJ mentioned all of these things as reasons over the years. Except for the lockout response, but everyone else seemed to think so.
  3. Kareem Abdul Jabar put up these historical numbers. This is a classic, well known NBA quiz trivia question.
  4. Jamison had back-to-back 50 point games in the 2000-2001 season, while playing for the Golden State Warriors. The second of his two 50 point games came against the Lakers, in which Kobe Bryant also scored 50 points!!!
  5. Joel Embiid has been called ‘The Process’ since he was the foundational cornerstone chosen by deposed GM Sam Heinke, who embarked on a year difficult process in which the Sixers lost many games but showed patience and started winning. 
  6. He had previously played for coach Stevens while at Butler University. Stevens won 4 conference championships there before moving to the Boston Celtics.
  7. Magic point guard Scott Skiles dished out 30 assists in a 155-116 victory against the Denver Nuggets at Orlando Arena. 
  8. Markelle Fultz, though he has been ridiculed for being a bust for being chosen number one, for not having panned out; he actually recorded a triple double and was the youngest NBA player to do ever do so. This is a rare and tough NBA quiz question!!!
  9. Most people might answer this NBA quiz question by guessing MJ or Iverson. But believe it or not it was Devin Booker for the Phoenix Suns! And by the way, his team lost the game.
  10. Shaq is the only one on that list who didn’t ever try an underhanded free throw, despite being advised to by many experts. 
  11. The NBA was invented in 1949 when the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged to form the NBA. This is a classic NBA trivia quiz question – memorize it now!
  12. Dr James Naismith invented the NBA. Stern was the commissioner in the 90s and 2000s. Cartwright was a Center for Chicago Bulls, and Selig was commish in the MLB around the same time as Stern.

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