Pod #13: NBA Regular Season Wins- Betting Odds


In this episode, we race through each NBA teams' Vegas odds for total wins, and whether we like the odds. There are a couple of surprises – mainly the Knicks, Nets, and Kings all surpassing expectations, because of my "trying hard" theory – management wants to win now, and anyone can be a 40 win team if they want to. 

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Pod #12: I’m Betting Against the Cavs


Apologies to all my Cavs fans. But in 2 weeks, the Cavs will start the season 0-5. Every NBA pundit will say, "yea no big deal – Kyrie was hurt, LeBron was coasting, Love is slow to recover from injury, Tristan hasn't picked up a basketball all summer, and Mozgov was out of shape from surgery". And that's okay, because we all know that the Cavs are going to make the Finals. But that doesn't mean they won't start off slow, and that's why you should bet against them.

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Pod #11: Lamar Odom Story: Who to Blame?


After Lamar Odom's recent drug-fueled meltdown, I decided to step back and see who's to blame for this. Do we blame E! and Khloe Kardashian? Or the Lakers for trading him to the Mavs in 2011 for a first round pick? Or is Odom at fault? In this episode, I carefully discuss each of these angles, as well as the likely cause for Lamar's recent downturn, which wasn't mentioned in most sports outlets. 

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Pod #10: Gilbert Arenas VS Caron Butler & Javaris Crittendon Gun Story


Caron Butler recently claimed in his "Tuff Juice" book that he stopped Javaris Crittenton from actually shooting Gilbert Arenas. As in, Javaris pointed a loaded gun, cocked it, and nearly shot Arenas. Arenas took to social media to dispute this rather bold anecdoate from Butler, and the jury is out on who is right. Although after considering all the circumstances, it's pretty clear who is telling the truth. Listen to find out!

Pod #9: Understanding Tristan Thompson’s Agent Rich Paul


Why is (former) Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson's agent Rich Paul giving the Cavs such a hard time regarding his client's contract? Is he not aware that every NBA fan in the world thinks that he is crazy for turning down 5 years for $80 million?

In this episode, I discuss why Paul is playing hardball, and what I think will happen to the current standoff. Image remixed from Flickr.

Carmelo Anthony for Paul Milsap Trade Makes Sense

Source: Imgflip
Source: Imgflip

This might be an insulting trade rumor for Carmelo Anthony, but yesterday there were rumors of a swap of the Atlanta Hawks' Paul Milsap for the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony. And although Melo is definitely a much much better scorer and probably a better player, I think most Knicks fans would agree that the Knicks probably pull the trigger on this deal. Melo is a flawed player, and Milsap can replace a fair amount of Melo's scoring, as well as better defense and more rebounding. The Hawks might consider this deal only because they likely have a ceiling until they can gain another All Star. And remember – they may lose Al Horford to free agency in 1 year, which means they need to make a slash this year, or else. 

Pod #8: Toronto Raptors 2015-16 Preview


The Toronto Raptors had to overpay Demarre Carrol, but it was probably worth it as he fits their team perfectly. Corey Joseph on the other hand may have gotten too much money. Other signings such as Luis Scola and Bismack Biyombo were cheap and affordable deal. 

The future of this team certainly rests on Jonas Valančiūnas's development, Kyle  Lowry getting a better attitude, and possibly trading Demar DeRozan or Terrence Ross in a big trade. 


Pod #7: Boston Celtics 2015-16 Preview


The Boston Celtics under Danny Ainge have been mimicing Daryl Morey's Houston Rockets model: don't tank, acquire assets, and then strike for the big fish. The problem is, the Celtics have been unable to land their own Dwight Howard or James Harden. 

The traded for David Lee, resigned Jae Crowder, signed Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko. Will it be enough? Will they make the playoffs? Listen to find out!

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Pod #6: Why Is Phil Jackson Trashing Ex-Knicks

phil jackson pic cartoon


Why does Phil Jackson continue to trash former Knick players? Shane Larkin, Andrea Bargnani, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Alexy Shved are just a few of the players who Phil has taken shots at. Is it worth it? Will he cause future free agents pause before joining the Knicks? He even trashed Jahlil Okafor and all of Duke! 

Listen to the podcast to find out what we think is going on with Phil. Special Guest: Johnny The Sales Guy

Pod #5: Philadelphia Sixers 2015/16 Season Preview

sixers cartoon

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The Sixers have captured a lot of attention regarding their blatant tanking tactics. The question is: Is Sam Heinke evil? Judging his moves from afar, one begins to wonder if his tanking has gone too far. Other questions:

  1. If they were indeed tanking, why didn't they finish with the worst record in the NBA? If you're gonna tank, you should tank! 
  2. Are free agents scared of signing with Sam Heinke and the Sixers? We wonder if free agents won't want to sign there in the future. 
  3. Heinke treated Andre Kirilenko very badly which might affect future FA signings.
  4. When will Heinke turn on the switch? Is it that easy to go from bad to great?
  5. Drafting Jahlil Okafor over Porzingis was a bold move in the sense that no one expected it. 
  6. Nick Stauskas, Nerlens Noel, Robert Covington, and Tony Wroten are going to be key players this season.
  7. Do they have a shot at Ben Simmons next year?

Pod #4: Brooklyn Nets 2015/16 Season Preview


The Nets won't win a championship for as long as the Boston Celtics are collecting their draft picks from them. Which means one thing: the Nets can't be bad, but without drafting, can they ever be good? Some topics we covered:

1. Good riddance Deron Williams

2. Paul Pierce on the Nets (not kind)

3. Billy King – worst GM in sports?

4. Mason Plumlee was actually untradable for about 1.5 years, then he was dumped for a late first round pick who can't shoot! What gives? Eitan gives us some insider intel.

5. Wayne Ellington – solid signing, shoots 38% from 3.

6. Discussing the starting rotation: Jack, Johnson, Youn, Bargnani, and Lopez. Thomas Robinson, Shane Larkin , Hollis Jefferson are two key bench guys.

Meme: LeBron James & Moses

lebron moses red sea

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I feel bad making fun of LeBron about his hairline, but I might have to question the validity of this meme. Yea, we know that LeBron's hairline has receded in past years (absurd that this is a new story), but this meme looks photoshopped. Although the Moses bit is funny. If only Moses could part the Golden State Warriors defense for LeBron to drive through the lane during the NBA Finals.

Meme: David Lee Earning His Money

david lee salary

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It was no secret that David Lee was in a weird situation in Golden State. Amazingly, he was the HIGHEST paid player on the team, and barely played. But when Steve Kerr called on David Lee in the NBA Finals and gave him some big minutes, Lee sparked a turnaround, and definitely earned some of the outlandish money that he was making. Good for him!

Meme: James Harden Turnovers


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Even though the Rockets had an amazing comeback against the Clippers in the 2015 NBA Playoffs, they could not hold off the Warriors, as Golden State rolled through them. Harden's struggles were highlighted by an insane 13 turnover game. Though to be fair, he didn't have much help either.