NBA Players from Dominica

Everyone confuses Dominica with the Dominican Republic, but they are completely different countries in different regions. There is only 1 NBA player to come from Dominica: Garth Joseph.

The Dominica national basketball team represents the island country of Dominica in international competitions. It is administrated by the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association. Their best result was 6th place at the 2000 Caribbean Championship.

Dominica NBA Players:

Garth McArthur “The Angel of Death” Fitzgerald Joseph

Joseph was born in the Dominican Republic in August 1973. He has now retired from professional basketball but was regularly compared to Shaquille O’Neal during his career. This was due to his powerful physique since he weighed 315 pounds and stood at seven feet two inches.

Joseph’s physical appearance was in its prime when he started out as a center for The College of St. Rose. While he was drafted into the NBA, he didn’t play more than four games. Two of these were with the Toronto Raptors and two with the Denver Nuggets. This was during the 2000-2001 season. He was also a player for his national team in Dominica, but his skills never completely formed or were displayed before he retired.

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