NBA Players from Ghana

Ghana NBA players are hard to come by with only Benjamin Bentil qualifiying. And sadly, Ghana is Africa’s most populous nation to never qualify for a major international basketball tournament, so it might be a while til we see more NBA talent.

Ghana NBA Players:

Benjamin Bentil

Bentil was born in March 1995 and is a professional basketball player who hails from Ghana. He has been playing for the Champagne Châlons-Reims Basket in the French LNB Pro A.

Bentil was born and mostly raised in Ghana, but he moved to the States with his family when he was fifteen. Bentil’s athletic talent got him a St. Andrew’s School scholarship. He, thus, attended this school and played for both its basketball and soccer teams. This led him to acquire a basketball-based scholarship at Providence College.

He played for Providence College for two seasons and was picked 51st to play for the Boston Celtics in 2016. While Bentil did commit to the Boston Celtics in 2016, he was waived afterward. He was then in the San Antonio Spurs’ roster for the NBA Summer League of 2017. In the August of that year, Bentil made a deal with Champagne Châlons-Reims Basket.

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