All NBA Sleepy Eyed Team Starting 5

When it comes to NBA action, you want your players to be alert, focused, and even hyper. If an NBA player loses focus even for a split second, they might cough up the ball for a turnover, or miss out on a crucial rebound or defensive play.

Certain players, no matter how good they are, will always come across as a bit…sleepy looking, or in more proper words: disengaged. Is it fair to label an athlete with sleepy, droopy eyes as disengaged? Probably not. But, we ask you to decide.

Take a look at the roster below of 7 active NBA players all of whom are suffering from acute cases of sleepy-eye-itis. It would be fair to say that at least half of them did not fulfill their potential. And it wouldn’t be the craziest hypothesis to say it is because they were sleepy-eyed. Which then forces the question: what came first, the sleepy eyes or the lack of ambition. You be the judge:

  • Point Guard: D’Angelo Russell
  • Shooting Guard: Jeremy Lamb
  • Small Forward: Brandon Ingram
  • Power Forward: Mike Scott
  • Center: Al Faruq Aminu
  • Bench: Tony Snell, Jahlil Okafor
  • Coach:¬†Tracy McGrady

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