Slovakian NBA Players: Past & Present

As of 2024, here is a list of Slovak NBA players, categorized into active and retired sections. Note that Slovakia has had limited representation in the NBA.

Active Slovak NBA Players

As of my last update, there were no active Slovak players in the NBA. Players from Slovakia have not been prominently featured in the league, and any emerging talents would be on the radar for future seasons.

Retired Slovak NBA Players

  • Richard Petruška (Retired)
    • Years Active: 1993-1994
    • NBA Team: Los Angeles Lakers
    • Bio: Richard Petruška is one of the few Slovak players to have played in the NBA. Born on January 25, 1969, in Levice, Slovakia, Petruška was a part of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1993-1994 season. Before his time in the NBA, he played college basketball for Loyola Marymount University and later for the UCLA Bruins, where he was part of their 1995 NCAA Championship team. After his brief stint in the NBA, where he played as a power forward/center, Petruška continued his professional basketball career in Europe.

It’s important to point out that Slovakia’s presence in the NBA is quite limited, with Richard Petruška being a notable mention due to his participation in the early ’90s. The path to the NBA for European players has become increasingly common over the years, yet Slovak players have had minimal representation. This could be attributed to the country’s focus on other sports or the development pathways available for basketball players within Slovakia and Europe!

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