Why Do NBA Players Wear Tons of Accessories?

The accessories league, AKA the NBA, has a dress code regulated by the National Basketball Association, and it is mandatory for all the participants within the league. Each sport has similar rules, and this one is not an exemption. The shape of the clothes is the same for all NBA clubs, but some details are always different such as color, for example. The players can also use some helpful additions, and you will find out the real reasons why they use some pieces of clothes.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Tights or Leg Sleeves (What Do NBA Players Wear Under Their Shorts)

You have most likely noticed many times that some professional NBA players wear tights or leg sleeves under the shorts. They have several reasons to do that. Quality tights have the power to support bones and muscles, allowing a player to achieve a maximum while playing basketball. This game is very demanding and serious injuries are quite frequent. The pain can last for a long time and even forever in some cases. However, quality tights or leg sleeves can stop it while the NBA player wears it.

The main reason why NBA basketball players wear tights is because the tights will warm all injured places and the entire legs will become heated. New injuries are less common if your legs are in such condition. A heated muscle is definitely more resistant, and it is a great thing if a basketball player has already had some issues with injuries before. The older players have higher chances to become inured, and they should wear this piece of clothes more often.

Tights are perfect for those who frequently run. They protect ligaments and joints, so they have higher capabilities to work under strong pressure and force. Cold muscles are more vulnerable to different injuries, and NBA players are obligated to warm them up before a game. With leg sleeves or thighs, you can shorten the time of preparing for the game because your legs will be heated by then anyway.

They usually wear them under the shorts because the official NBA regulations demand that from the players. The dress code is regulated by the officials in the association, and it cannot be changed without their official permission. Tights and leg sleeves have supportive effects, and that is why their use is allowed.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Sleeves on Their Arms (Right vs Left, and on Non-Shooting Arms)

Arm sleeves have mostly the same purpose as tights and leg sleeves. They serve to warm muscles and bones preventing sudden injuries that way. Some basketball players are wearing them on both hands, Some just on left, while other on a right hand. It depends on the needs of every particular player. If they have some recent arm injury, then there is a high probability they will wear a sleeve over it when they come to the game field.

That is why some of the players wear it on the opposite hand of the shooting one. The recent or continuous injury is the main problem. The pain will most likely disappear if the muscles are warm and hot. That is very suitable while playing because a player feels better during a basketball game and can achieve more. Some players have had serious arm injuries including open fractures that caused big wounds and were not easy to heal. Such injuries can leave long-term consequences that have to be treated in a proper way. And arm sleeves are there to help them to play better and more interesting basketball.

Some players wear this piece of clothes just on shooting arm to improve its abilities. Warm muscles work better than cold ones. Besides, a non-shooting arm is also important because basketball players use it during a game. They have to fight for the ball, to come under the basket, and perform other different tasks. Both hands are necessary, and they have to function flawlessly well without any pain and other issues. That is why some basketball players wear sleeves on non-shooting arms. To warm them up and tighten the muscles.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Long Sleeves on the Bench During Games?

NBA players wear long sleeves while they are on the bench with an intention to keep their muscles warm all the time. If one of the reserve players should replace some from the first time, they would come into the game instantly. They would not have enough time to prepare for the game, and their muscles would get cold after half an hour of sitting on the bench. If they come in without preparation and with cold muscles, the efficiency might lack, and the chances for injuries grow.

That is the reason why they wear long sleeves because they want to keep the muscles and bones warm and ready for the game. Also, some of them have maybe had injuries and want to avoid pain during a game thanks to the long sleeves. The warm muscles are more resistant and more flexible which allow better performances. If they come into a game with those sleeves, their bones will be tightened and that is another benefit which supports against injuries.

Why Do NBA Players Put Towels on Their Heads

NBA players wear towels on the heads because they want to warm up the entire body. Human's organism consists of different parts, but they are all mutually connected of course. The muscles have a chance to warm up faster if the head is warm. That is the main reason why they put towels while sitting on a bench and watching a game. However, NBA players are just human beings as all other people, and they can use towels for different purposes.

For example, they can put a towel on the head when they come out from the playing field if it is wet due to a highly active game. They can easily clean sweat from the face and head with it, and they can leave it to stay further on their heads. The changes are often in the basketball, so they can use towels for multiple purposes at the same time. They will keep their heads clean and warm which is a great thing during a game.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Hoodies

NBA players are not allowed to wear hoodies during a game. The basket is above heads, and the games are performed in big sports arenas. It means hoodies will only make a confusion and a problem for those who would wear them while playing. There is no Sunlight to interfere with eyes, and a hoodie will block a view toward the basket. However, it only counts during a game, and players can wear any type of clothes and hats in a free time.

Some NBA clubs have specifically designed and created a number of promotional hoodies with their emblems. They give those hats to players and fans who occasionally wear them in different circumstances. If you notice NBA players with those hoodies, now you know how they get them and where they wear them. If a player is injured and cannot participate in the game, they can support their team from the grandstand. NBA players who decide to give such support often wear those hoodies with club's emblems and colors.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks?

NBA players wear masks to protect faces from injuries. Basketball is an active game, especially under the basket. The players move fast and fight for the ball. It often leads to sudden injuries that have to be prevented somehow. The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of a human's face, and it is usually at the greatest risk during a game. However, if some accidentally punch another player in a face while this one is wearing the mask, they will not finish injured because the mask will do its job. Otherwise, the nose might end-up broken and that can have various consequences.

The injured player will stay out of the game until the injury is rehabilitated. If such an outcome occurs, both the club and the player would lose. That is why some NBA players wear those protective masks during basketball games. Also, some of them have already been injured, and they use a mask to heal faster. The injured place is more sensitive than a healthy part of a body, so there is a higher chance of a new injury.

LeBron was the most recent big time NBA player often wearing those masks. They preferred masks of a black color that covered his forehead and nose. The mouth and lower part of a face stayed unprotected in his case. Those masks can be made in different shapes and designs but most usual ones are just like LeBron's mask.

But generally speaking, an NBA player wears a mask for protection for any face fracture or severe nose or cheekbone bruises. The only cost is losing a few percentage points of peripheral vision, but for the most part, any NBA player wearing a mask will likely play unencumbered, and in some cases, even better than without the mask!

Do NBA Players Wear Cups?

NBA players usually do not wear protective cups, however, there are some exceptions from this rule, of course. It is a personal decision and if a player has been injured, they can wear a cup to protect old wounds. No one can stop them to do this, but some basketball players who have already tried this type of protection complaining it is an unsuitable measure.

In fact, it creates strong pressure in the technical area making an unpleasant feeling. A player who wears it might fail to play successfully because of that, so many avoid using a cup. Besides, there are low chances for injuries in this area, so many believe it is an unnecessary protective measure that makes more damage while offering no benefits. However, it is hard to guess if some player wears this cup or not, and fans can usually find out those details when NBA players speak about them.

Do NBA Players Wear Mouthguards?

Some NBA players wear a mouthguard because of two main reasons. Of course, both are connected to the prevention of potential injuries, but some players have been already injured and want to protect the wound, while others want to avoid being injured for the first time. Mouth and teeth are quite sensitive and during an active game, a basketball player can be suddenly punched in a face area and that might lead to various injuries.

To avoid their teeth being affected by the sudden accident, some players often wear mouthguards during a game. This way of protection is an obligatory measure in some fighting sports, such as MMA or boxing. However, NBA players are free to make a decision themselves. They can wear mouthguards or not depending on their wishes and needs. No one will force them, and no one will stop them from doing that. It is up to them. A mouthguard definitely has a useful purpose and NBA players should consider using it.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Rubber Bands on Their Knees?

Basketball players wear rubber bands to reduce knee stress. This material has the power to make positive health influence on human's joints, and that is the reason why some players wear it. If they have been injured, they will heal faster with its help, and it is proved in many analyses. Also, rubber bands can support knees during a fall.

They will reduce the pressure and pain if a player falls on their knees, so it is another purpose of rubber bands. Besides, they can warm up knees and surrounding areas supporting their proper work. You know that heated muscles and bones can achieve the maximal results.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Tape on Their Fingers or Ankles

The athletic tapes serve with the same mission. They can support the healing of old injuries, prevent new ones, help with overstretching ligaments and so on. Basketball demands a lot of practice with a ball, and all of them are performed with hands and fingers. When someone spends hours in those activities, injuries become quite possible. And athletic tapes are there to help players avoid such an outcome. 


Those are all ways NBA players use to protect different parts of their bodies and improve their abilities to reach the maximum. Sometimes, a spectator can be confused by some piece of clothes that NBA players wear on themselves, but you know much more about that now, thanks to information from this article.


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