What Does a Shooting Guard Do in Basketball?

basketball shooting guard

A shooting guard (SG) is the scoring position out of the 1-5 basketball positions, and in basketball is primarily responsible for scoring points. They are typically the best shooter on the team and are relied upon to make shots from long range and score in key moments of the game.

Some of the main responsibilities of a shooting guard in basketball include:

  1. Shooting: As the name implies, shooting guards are expected to be excellent shooters. They are often positioned on the perimeter and are relied upon to make shots from beyond the three-point line. Think Michael Redd from a few years back or even Seth Curry, Steph’s lil bro.
  2. Scoring: Shooting guards are one of the primary scorers on the team and are relied upon to put points on the board. They must be able to create their own shots and score in a variety of ways, including driving to the basket, shooting from long range, and making quick decisions in fast break situations. Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, of course.
  3. Ball-handling: While the point guard is typically the primary ball-handler on the team, shooting guards must also be able to handle the ball effectively. They may initiate the offense, bring the ball up the court, and help distribute the ball to teammates. Less required from the 2 guard position, but ball handling (Tyler Herro) can go a long way for an SG.
  4. Defense: While shooting guards are primarily known for their offensive skills, they are also expected to play solid defense. They are typically tasked with guarding the opposing team’s best scorer or creating turnovers with their length and athleticism. Imagine Quentin Grimes on the Knicks or Patrick Beverly on the Lakers…

Overall, a shooting guard is a super important position in basketball and must be able to contribute in a variety of ways in order to help their basketball team succeed.

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