Cedi Osman & LeBron James Text Message Exchange

In light of the barrage of articles talking about Cedi Osman and LeBron James’ friendship in both offseason workouts and SMS exchanges, we woud like to reveal a text message exchange between the two former teammates:

[This is a parody]

  • cedi: sup lebron [11:30 AM]
  • lebron: yo [4:42 PM]
  • cedi: did you see kawhi last nite??? krazy! [4:43 PM]
  • lebron: nah [10:52 PM]
  • cedi: oh, cool cool. whatchu up to tonight?? [10:53 PM]
  • lebron: chillin [1:31 AM]
  • cedi: noice! im in your area at club X now with some friends, wana join??? [1:31 AM]
  • lebron: sry fell asleep [8:32 AM]
  • cedi: oh no worries!! whatcha up to today??? [8:33 AM]
  • lebron: space jam 2 [12:52 PM]
  • cedi: coooool!! if you need an extra i am so down to join!! [12:52 PM]
  • lebron: word [6:16 PM]
  • cedi: :))) [6:16 PM]


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Image source:

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/edrost88/37543551426/

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