Will Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Join the Knicks in 2019?

Let’s be real for a second. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are the best players on the two of the best teams in the NBA. The Celtics and the Warriors. There is no reason to leave them, right? It would be crazy.

However, the rumors persist. And they are not unfounded.

Here is why Kyrie might leave the Celtics:

  1. He was adamant about leaving the Cavs to escape LeBron’s shadow and get his own team. He got his own team….for a while…until they got within 2 minutes of the final stretch of game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals from winning the series and making the Finals!!! Oh, and Kyrie was on the bench! Basically, they don’t need him to make the Finals, and he suspiciously was not on the bench during that game. (What, you believe the nasal surgery story? I’m sure his teammates rolled their eyes at that whopper of an excuse
  2. *insert eye roll*).
  3. Kyrie loves NYC. He is on record of having placed the Knicks on his list of 4 preferred teams when he told the Cavs he wanted out, 1 year ago. The Knicks ain’t leave NYC any time soon.
  4. Kyrie loves Kristaps Porzingis. They have a friendly relationship.
  5. The Knicks need Kyrie. They have a hole at point guard, as Frank Ntilikina is clearly not a franchise player, and Trey Burke is more bench scorer than quarterback.

And how about Durant?

Well, a few easy reasons:

  1. His GSW rings are diluted. I don’t think even Durant thought that there would be such backlash to him joining the Warriors and winning rings. He still has not gotten the respect he has sought, even after winning 2 titles, and probably 1 more. He needs his own team.
  2. He never really considered the Wizards, his hometown team, an option. And they won’t have the cap space next year either.
  3. His father and his agent are both from New York and love the Knicks. That in itself isn’t a reason, but it definitely adds fuel to the fire.
  4. Another reason talked about, though I don’t think it really means something, but rather worth noting:¬†Knicks GM Scott Perry was an executive with the Seattle SuperSonics when they drafted Kevin Durant in 2007.

It’s early, but both of these players are free agents next summer and that is no coincidence. They will join forces and make the Knicks a contender once again.

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