What race is Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry is the kind of player who can make all the difference when you need a hero during the game. He’s the kind of guy who can score like clockwork and has won championships with the Golden State Warriors.



So, it’s only normal that fans want to know more about his life, including his race and ethnic background.

People falsely assume lots of things about Curry’s race. Usually, the media and social media portray him as a mixed-race person who is half white and half African American. But the truth is more complex.

So, if you’re wondering what race is Stephen Curry? Is Steph black? White?

The answer is that he is Black/African American and not mixed-race like people generally assume.

Steph Curry’s Family and Skin Tone & Ethnicity

Stephen and his brother Seth both have a light skin tone and hazel eyes which would lead some to assume that they have strong Caucasian ancestry. He was born in Akron, Ohio, USA, and is an American with an African American racial identity. But, Stephen is not white.

Stephen’s father Dell Curry, a former NBA player too, is African American.

His mother, Sonya Curry is also African American. Her parents have a Haitian Creole ethnic background.

Haitian Creole people often have an ethnically mixed racial background that dates back to the colonial era when different African populations mixed with others from other colonized regions. These include white people from France, Spain, Aboriginal populations, and Haitian people. Thus, Creole peoples may or may not have an ethnically diverse racial background.

But, many may still identify as black.

In fact, all four of Stephen Curry’s grandparents are African Americans, which makes Steph fully African American. His ethnic background is strongly tied to the Caribbean nation of Haiti.

So, why do people keep asking if Stephen Curry is white? Is he black?

The reason why people are so curious about his race is that he has a light skin tone and people automatically think that it means he is half white. But that’s not accurate because he doesn’t identify as white. Steph Curry is considered black.

Curry’s sister Sydel is one of the few people who shed some light on the family’s ethnic background and race.

When someone tweeted suggesting that Stephen was mixed-race, she corrected the person and said that he is not white.

Sydel also discussed that people mistakenly comment about their mixed-race when they clearly have an African American background but it just happens that the members of their family have lighter skin.

It is important to say that race does not matter. What matters about Steph Curry is not his race, but rather how he acts as a human being, and of course his basketball play on the court.

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  1. I guess some people want to believe that Stephen Curry is biracial black and white because he is a great basketball player, has light skin and green eyes. His mom has those physical features and she is a Haitian Creole. His father is African American. His wife also has hazel eyes. She has African, Jamaican, Chinese and Polish descent.

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