What Is The Restricted Area In The NBA?

When you sit down and watch an NBA game, you probably feel like it is downright intense at times. In fact, it might seem a little chaotic. Just remember that there is a method to the madness. Many people do not understand that there are tons of rules that govern the gameplay. The restricted area of the court is something that a lot of people have trouble understanding. So, what is the restricted area in the NBA? This question will be answered below.

Defining the Restricted Area In The NBA:

First and foremost, you should learn about the basics of the restricted area. Go ahead and take a look at any NBA game. Pay close attention to the court near the basket. You will notice the free-throw line. Now, move toward the basket a little bit. You will see an arc that appears to encircle the basket. This is the restricted area. There is a specific reason that this point of the court has been marked.

No Charging Foul

Charging fouls can be very detrimental for any team in the NBA. Force too many of them and your team is well on its way to winning the game. This is where the restricted area enters the picture. It gives offensive players a little lead way. When the player drives to the basket, there is always a chance that they’re going to charge into someone. If that happens inside of the restricted area, it would not be considered a foul.

Inside this area, it is not possible for the defending player to draw a foul.

Benefits The Offensive Player

Ultimately, the restricted area is there to benefit the offensive player when they charge towards the basket. This makes it impossible for a second defender to stop the offensive player after they’ve maneuvered around the original defender. Of course, both sides of the court have their own restricted area. Therefore, it is going to benefit both teams.

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