How Much Do Waterboys and Towel Boys Make in The NBA? 

Before we break down an NBA waterboys salary, lets get some perspective here. NBA salaries might range greatly. Some top players make $35,000,000 and sometimes even more on a yearly basis. However, mascot NBA beginners earn only $25,000 for the same time period. Clearly, this difference is serious, but NBA league contains many professions and their salaries might be lower or higher. Head coaches have the highest salaries after NBA players, while others make less than those two types of employees.

NBA Towel & Water Boys Salary

For example, the average salary of a waterboy in NBA stands at $58,000, according to the Boston Celtics statistics. However, there are always differences between beginner employees and those who are well-versed with an advanced set of skills. Experienced employees definitely have a higher authority in the NBA community, while novice workers have yet to prove themselves in front of the superiors.

That way, their salaries will progressively grow over time. It will take a while though, but it will worth at the end. The job itself requires good condition and physical strength. It is not overly demanding, but the worker has to be in good shape.

The highest salaries in this profession move up to $100,000 or sometimes even more. The employee will not become rich overnight, but he will reach a steady income with a possibility to grow further.

How to Become an NBA Waterboy

Those who are interested in this job position and want to start a career as towel boys should follow some steps to successfully finish the application. The first thing you should to contact your local NBA club and ask them on the matter.

Some of them are constantly looking for new recruits, and you might be a good fit for their teams. They usually have quite different procedures but there are still many similarities as well. For example, you have to fill out all the paper forms writing your personal details and other information they ask you.

If anyone of your relatives and family members has connections with NBA clubs, you would have to explain that question deeper. You will also have to provide your school and college degrees and diplomas if any. The higher education is a good path to success even when it comes to this job. The beginners with potential have higher chances to advance faster gaining better salaries in a shorter period of time. You can become a master of the skills if you practice them on a daily basis.

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