How Much Do NBA Cameramen Make?

Professional basketball leagues, such as NBA, need an organization plan and procedure at the highest level. All have to be perfect, and many people are involved in the preparation and implementation of such sports events, namely NBA cameramen. This is partly due to the emergence of online video platforms like YouTube, which means video is more important and effective than ever, and NBA movies are crucial for NBA marketing.

There are players, their trainers, security staff, medical professionals, mascots, camera operators, police, cleaners, and others. All those workers are paid for their effort, but you can find many differences among their salaries. Of course, the players and their trainers earn the most.

The salaries of their team members are typically in the second position and others from the list come later. However, this article is focused on NBA cameraman salary. That job position falls under the category of sports reporters, and NBA camera operators might also be NFL cameramen at the same time.

Those NBA cameraman professionals have the task to make video records of the entire game with particular attention to the most exciting moments. The job seems easy and simple for someone who does not know a lot about it, but it requires many skills and serious experience.

NBA Cameramen Salary

The professional operators are paid well, and they typically make $66,192 on average. Their salaries range from $62,782 to $69,402.

25% of all professional camera operators have the lowest amount, while 75% receive the highest salary. However, there are a few professionals who even earn the more than this. Their prices go up to $72,605 and sometimes even more. But it is a small number of workers, maybe ten or fifteen of them maximally. Those figures cover the entire payments including base salaries, bonuses, and equities.

NBA Cameramen Salary by Cities

San Francisco takes the first like the best-paying city when it comes to NBA camera operators salaries. Seattle and Los Angeles are on the second and third place, respectively. New York takes the fourth position and Washington stands fifth.

Comparison Between Regular and NBA Cameraman Salary

When considering that average salary for men stands at $49,192, it is easy to notice a difference. The average salary for women is even lower, and it stands at $39,988 in the United States. It means that NBA TV camera operators earn significantly more comparing the national average level, which makes this work position more desirable.


Every individual loves to earn more than others improving life standard. More money means more opportunities and better possibilities, which is an obvious thing. As mentioned already, NBA camera operators are well educated, and half of them have a bachelor degree or even higher qualification. They are almost all over 30 years old, which means they are all mature individuals.

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