How To Shoot A Basketball

Anyone that has ever stepped foot on a basketball court can tell you have competitive the whole environment is.

Players want to rise above and outdo their competitors. It is safe to say that you probably feel the exact same.

That being said there will be no denying that some individuals will just possess more natural talent than you. Does that mean you should give up? Does that mean you shouldn’t even try? No, just because you do not possess the natural talent it doesn’t mean that you won’t make it to the big times. In fact, if you want to improve your game, you will need to become a better shooter.

Becoming a better shooter involves much more than just practice, free throw shot after shot, or unexpected jump shots. If you want to truly master the art of the shot there are some key principals that you need to understand.

Stationary Shooting And On The Go Shooting

The first thing you need to know about shooting a basketball is that there are two different types of shots that you can take. Sure you got the dunk and the layup, but these aren’t really considered range shots. No, range shots should be classified as being a few feet away from the hoop. A shot where you have to form up, bend, squat your knees, and release the ball. The two types of shots will be the stationary shot and the on to go shot. Stationary shots are few and far in-between, as they simply mean that your feet are firmly planted and you are set in cement. An on the go shot will be a shot that you take from a moving position. This could be classified more as a fallaway shot. Regardless of the fact that the two shot movements are completely different the basis and theory for each shot remains the same.

Where Do You Aim When Shooting A Basketball?

Anyone looking to improve their accuracy should locate the rim as early as possible. This is where you eventually want the ball to go, so this should be considered your target area. You want to make sure that your eyes are glued to the target at all times. You do not even want to follow the flight of the ball with your eyes. Just focus on the target. This is extremely important.

Keep Your Stance And Balance

Stance and balance will be equally important. Now, when it comes to on the go shots, you might not always have the benefit of putting yourself into these positions, but if you are stationary, you certainly can, You want to make sure that you are standing with your shoulder width apart. This will help improve your balance and provide you with a stronger foundation. You want your feet to be as comfortable as possible with the dominant shooting foot slightly ahead of the less dominant foot. They should be pointed in the direction of the hoop. You want to get comfortable with this stance because the goal is to mimic it each time you take a shot.

What Is The Best Angle To Shoot A Basketball?

Most people overlook the importance of the arms and wrists when it comes to basketball shooting, but these are two crucial components. The wrists and arms could greatly affect the overall angle of your shot. You will probably notice that different players shoot at different angles. Some might shoot those long, arched shots that reach to the clouds, while others take the shorter approach. Whatever the situation is, you need to know that there is a science behind the angle of your shot. And, the experts say that the most successful shooters in the world are shooting at anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Shot Off In Basketball?

Basketball is one of the fastest paced sports in the world. Sure, it might not be as fast-paced as racing, but if you watch it on TV it is going to seem faster paced. This is because the action is right up in your face. Not only is basketball fast-paced, but the player only gets a split second to think before his or action has an effect on the game. To shoot the ball or not to shoot the ball? If a player chooses to shoot what’s the fastest that he can pull off a shot. Say 0.3 seconds are left on the clock, does the player, in fact, have enough time to pull off a shot with the little time?

Well, with a little bit of research you will find that there is only an average of 3 NBA players that can get a shot off in 0.76 seconds. There are some players that can get a shot off in 0.77 seconds.

Watch the greatest NBA shooter in history Steph Curry explain how to shoot a basketball:

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