How To Draw A Basketball

Before we discuss how to draw an NBA basketball with the right size, consider the history of this amazing sport, basketball: Did you know that basketball is the only sport to originate in America? That is pretty amazing when you sit down and consider all the sports associations available today.

What’s even more impressive is that basketball is still considered a somewhat new sport as it only came into existence in 1891. This might seem like a short time period for some individuals, but a lot has changed in the sport over those years. In fact, the first ever basketball game involved the use of a soccer ball rather than an actual basketball. Although the hoops and backboards were different, the concept remained the same.

It goes without saying that basketball is an iconic sport with a lot to offer. You can play the sport or you can admire it from afar, but there is one thing that is evident. The sport cannot be complete with a basketball. Whether you want to learn to draw the sport or improve your shot, you will need a basketball.

How to easily draw a basketball:

Step 1 Drawing: You first want to begin by drawing a circle. This can be a perfect circle or it can be drawn free hand. Just remember that the circle doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want it as close as possible.

Step 2 Drawing: You now want to draw a curved line close to one side of the ball. This will be the ball’s ribs.

Step 3 Drawing: It is time to add another rib, but this one is going to be located perpendicular to the first one.

Step 4 Drawing: Time to add another rib by drawing a curved line from the side of the ball to the vertical curved line that you initially drew.

Step 5 Drawing: You will not have to finish that rib you just started by jumping onto the other side of that vertical line where you stopped. Trace the rib to its finishing place at the edge of the ball.

Step 6 Drawing: Another curved line from the line below the horizontal line will be needed. This line will travel from the side of the ball to the vertical rib line.

Step 7 Drawing: Once you reach the stopping point of the vertical line, you will have to skip over it and finish just like before.

Step 8 Drawing: The next step is to give the ball a 3D look by drawing a curved line parallel to both the vertical and horizontal rib lines.

Step 9 Drawing: Now, you want to draw curved lines that are actually parallel to the upper and lower rub lines. Once this is done, you will need to remove the guidelines, which will provide you with a more recessed look.

Step 10 Drawing: You are pretty much finished. All that’s left to do is color in your creation.

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