Do NBA Cheerleaders & Dancers Date NBA Players?

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In the world of professional basketball, cheerleaders and dancers play a vital role in the game day experience. Not only do they entertain fans during breaks in the action, but they also help to build team spirit and support for the players on the court. However, their relationship with the players and coaches goes beyond just performing on the sidelines – and allegations and rules regarding dating and sleeping with NBA players dominate social media headlines! Check out this article on how much salary NBA cheerleaders can earn.

One of the key ways in which cheerleaders and dancers interact with players is through community outreach and charity work. Many teams organize events and initiatives where cheerleaders and dancers partner with players to give back to the community. This can include things like visiting children’s hospitals, participating in charity walks or runs, and volunteering at local schools. By working together in these types of events, cheerleaders and dancers have the opportunity to build relationships with players and coaches off the court – this can lead to scandal.

Another way in which cheerleaders and dancers interact with players is through promotional and marketing events. Cheerleaders and dancers are often featured in team advertisements and commercials, and they may also participate in autograph signings and meet-and-greets with fans. In these types of events, cheerleaders and dancers have the opportunity to interact with players and coaches and learn more about the personalities and interests of the team.

On the other hand, Some of the players and coaches view the cheerleaders and dancers as a distraction. They believe that the NBA cheerleaders and dancers can be a distraction to the players and coaches from their focus on the game.

However, despite these challenges, the relationship between cheerleaders and dancers and players and coaches is generally a positive one. Cheerleaders and dancers bring energy and excitement to the game, and they help to create a sense of community and support for the team. By working together in various capacities, cheerleaders and dancers have the opportunity to build strong relationships with players and coaches, both on and off the court.

Stories of NBA dancers involved with NBA players: dating and hooking up

Nick Young, former NBA shooting guard, had this to say about an incident involving sleeping with an NBA dancer:

“It happened to me when I was a rookie. Me and Andray Blatche she was messing around with. I think it was one of the cheerleaders or an assistant. They found out and (when) we came to the gym, people were blaming us like it was our fault because she got fired or something like that…” Young said

Dennis Rodman talks in this interview about sleeping with NBA cheerleaders on the actual NBA court before games. He would do it by the half court area, and often times workers would catch him. Phil Jackson was aware of this and eventually had him released from the Lakers.

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