Best basketball socks

When you don’t have performance basketball socks, you’ll end with blisters and sweaty feet, which can make you feel very uncomfortable while playing.

best basketball socks
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Using any random socks just doesn’t cut it, and you need well-fitting and sweat-proof ones. 

Performance basketball socks are worth the investment.

So, are you wondering what are the top socks available?

Check out this guide for the top 3 basketball socks recommendations.

Buyer’s guide: what to look for in basketball socks


Most performance socks are made from a mix of cotton, nylon, nylon, and elastane. It’s a kind of stretchy spandex. Performance socks are rarely made from pure cotton because it absorbs sweat quickly and doesn’t dry quickly.

Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester are able to drain moisture quickly while retaining their shape for longer periods. Elastane adds incredible flexibility and makes socks much more comfortable.


The ideal basketball socks are thicker than your casual socks. It makes your foot fit into the shoe much better, and your feet don’t wiggle around in the sports shoes. This helps prevent blisters from forming, and you’ll feel comfortable while wearing the socks. 

Thinner basketball socks are available, too, and if you have wider feet, they may be a more comfortable option. 

Sock length

In the past, basketball players used to wear very long socks that came up to their knees, but these socks are completely out of fashion. They are unnecessary because they’ve been replaced by compression pants. 

There are 3 types of sock lengths to choose from: 

  1. Crew-cut socks which reach the middle of your shins.
  2. Mid-cut socks that reach just above the ankle.
  3. Low-cut socks that are nearly invisible when worn with shoes. These are also called no-show socks. 

Arch support and cushioning

The more expensive performance socks like the Nike ones offer additional cushioning around your heels and in the forefoot. 

These socks are extremely comfortable and prevent blisters. The extra cushioning is a great feature that helps you keep your feet in the shoe without sliding. 

Performance socks can have compression bands at the midfoot that offer additional arch support. If you have arch pain or plantar fasciitis, this can be helpful.

The compression bands and the cushioning inside modern basketball socks are worth the extra price because you can’t compare them with regular socks. 

Best basketball socks 

1. Adidas Creator 365 Basketball Crew Socks

Adidas’ high-performance basketball socks, the Creator 365s, are made specifically for basketball players. If you ask a bunch of NBA players which brand of socks they recommend, many would surely pick these. 

These socks are a step up from Nike Elite socks. The surface of most socks is smooth and uniform. However, Adidas Creator socks have ribbed ankle cushioning that provides additional comfort. They call this their special “Traxion” footbed.

The three thick, stretchy compression bands that are woven into the middle foot provide arch support and improve traction when making quick stops and cuts.

These socks can be felt in your midfoot, and you don’t forget that they are performance socks.

Overall, the Adidas Creator 360 is a good option. They’re very comfortable, and players with flat feet can appreciate the extra arch support and elevation.

2. Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

In 2008, Nike introduced the Elite socks, which gained tons of popularity and became bestsellers.

These socks are extremely popular to this day, and they come in several colors so they’re suitable for men and women. The Nike Elite logo socks have been the most sought-after basketball socks ever, and some of the rarer models are still collectibles and being sold online.

There is a good reason because these Nike Elite socks are a far superior product to the average 6-pack of white sport socks.

When you slip on Elites, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are tailored to fit either your left or right foot. You’ll notice the compression in the arch, midfoot, and shins which is very useful to have considering basketball games are long.

The socks prevent bunching around your toes. These socks are extremely comfortable and provide cushioning in high-impact areas of the foot. It is extremely durable and can withstand years of high-intensity play. These aren’t the kind of socks you need to replace constantly.

Although the Nike Elites can be expensive, they are well worth it. These were the first basketball socks with high-performance technology, and you can’t go wrong with them.

3. Under Armour Adult HeatGear Tech Crew Socks

The Under Armour Heatgear basketball socks are easily the best Under Armour socks on the market.

These socks are made from a mixture of synthetic and cotton materials. They are flexible and durable thanks to the combination of those materials. The best feature is that these socks dry quickly, so you don’t have sweaty feet for long.

As well, these socks have HeatGear technology, which is designed to keep your feet cool.

The dynamic arch support reduces foot fatigue. The socks also come with sweat-wicking materials to keep them dry quickly and anti-odor technology if your feet are particularly prone to sweat. 

Mesh panels provide additional breathability, which is a great bonus, especially during the hot summer months.

The compression material around your ankles and calves is very tight and can make it hard to pull the socks up, but once they’re on, they feel like they’re not there.

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