Pod #4: Brooklyn Nets 2015/16 Season Preview

The Nets won’t win a championship for as long as the Boston Celtics are collecting their draft picks from them. Which means one thing: the Nets can’t be bad, but without drafting, can they ever be good? Some topics we covered:

1. Good riddance Deron Williams

2. Paul Pierce on the Nets (not kind)

3. Billy King – worst GM in sports?

4. Mason Plumlee was actually untradable for about 1.5 years, then he was dumped for a late first round pick who can’t shoot! What gives? Eitan gives us some insider intel.

5. Wayne Ellington – solid signing, shoots 38% from 3.

6. Discussing the starting rotation: Jack, Johnson, Youn, Bargnani, and Lopez. Thomas Robinson, Shane Larkin , Hollis Jefferson are two key bench guys.

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